недеља, 24. април 2011.

How to use cheat engine for car town

Cheat Engine is a famous tool for use in Facebook game cheating, while some people tend to say that it is not working, others are absolutely sure that it is working. So what benefits are there in using cheat engine for Car Town hack?!
It should allow for you to change any game variable. Variables are coins, cash, energy or even time in drag race. Theoretically it changes those variables on clients side (your side) and instead sending real variables in Car Town Cheat Engine sends those modified values to server.
A CarTown is one of the rare games on facebook  about tuning and styling cars. Perhaps, but I am unsure about it, it can be only one about the things I have mentioned. There you have your service, which gives you money for investing in your car. Developers did an awesome job about modifying cars. Not only that you can modify wide spread of possibilities but  you can paint your car in either way.
Cheat Engine will also assist you in winning drag races. You will modify values of drag race before those values are sent to server, so losing the drag race would become only theoretical possibility. More respect and experience for you this way. Also using this is perhaps a little unethical but being always a second is so f*king frustrating. You now what I mean? It doesn't matters did you have lost every drag race or not, but for sure you want to loosen a little win/lose ratio.
Download this tool and start beating all those of your friends and make them be jealous on your "success".